Radical Abundance "Manifestation" Cards - Manifesting Your Infinite Potential

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Henry brings you this fabulous set of "Manifestation" cards. There are 72 cards with the perfect words and art to help you manifest radical abundance in your life. What would you like more of? Peace, Fun, Imagination, Health, or 68 other wonderful things in your life? This set helps you focus on the things you are capable of bringing into your life - in abundance!

I AM; You can draw one card and feel your self having abundance of that image throughout your day.

GIVE & RECIEVE: You can draw two cards and focus on putting out the energy from the first card and accepting the energy from the second.

TRIANGULATE: Draw three cards: Imagine the energy of the three cards coming together in your heart.


Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Emily Smith
So fun!

I love all the images! And the cards are very sturdy!
I use them for inspiration and rotate what I display. It’s like a mini art collection in a box!

Jennifer Caesar
Generational fun

I bought two sets of these cards, one to have at my house (I’m the grandma) and one for my grandson to keep at his house. We both enjoy getting a new card each day, talking about the meaning and sharing it throughout the day. My grand son is only 5, but really enjoys the graphics and meanings of these cards. Highly recommend.

Fun Card Set - Great Art

Gave this as a gift to my adult daughter. She loves it!

Laurie D
Wedding gift

Bought our daughter a pack for a wedding present.
Also got some ourselves
They help me focus on my manifestations. Seeing the art makes my heart happy.

Trish Seattle
I Love the Cards!

I bought the cards as gifts but ended up keeping a set for myself. They are so uplifting and make me happy!

Cindi Hollomon
Fun and Quirky

These cards are fun and quirky. A joy to see what I pull everyday. Shipping was very quick.

Karen Townsend
Totally beautiful cards!

I own many sets of cards for inspiration, and everyone I show these to wants to know where I got them! The art is intriguing, interesting, and reflective, and these are bound to add a spark to meetings or gatherings.

Deborah P.
Add a little art and fun to your day

I ordered two packs of these — one for me and my hubby and one for my daughter and her partner. We both put the daily draw up in the kitchen and have fun bringing attention to the word of the day (we’re not on the same word) and the art. It’s a nice addition! Love love love it!

Carla MacLafferty
LOVE These Abundance Cards

I really love these card I've been drawing one each and focusing on the message. I'm going to buy a set for my sister.

Sara Chatfield
Brings Daily Joy!

I love having the moment each day of drawing a card. I keep it on a small rack by my computer and desk so that I can absorb the feelings throughout the work day..