Radical Abundance "Manifestation" Cards - Manifesting Your Infinite Potential

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Henry brings you this fabulous set of "Manifestation" cards. There are 72 cards with the perfect words and art to help you manifest radical abundance in your life. What would you like more of? Peace, Fun, Imagination, Health, or 68 other wonderful things in your life? This set helps you focus on the things you are capable of bringing into your life - in abundance!

I AM; You can draw one card and feel your self having abundance of that image throughout your day.

GIVE & RECIEVE: You can draw two cards and focus on putting out the energy from the first card and accepting the energy from the second.

TRIANGULATE: Draw three cards: Imagine the energy of the three cards coming together in your heart.

Customer Reviews

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Donna Allan
Radical Abundance

Starting the day with a word to emulate throughout the day is made easy with the enchanting artwork
For instance the card posted is HONOR~
Buy a deck you won't be disappointed

The art!

These cards have such fabulous artwork. I bought a deck for myself and my friend who is my prosperity partner. Us entrepreneurs have to stick together. They’re whimsical and fun. I’m thoroughly enjoying them.

Reign Head
lovely deck

I was so excited when I saw these oracle cards. Bought one for myself and some gifts for others and we all love them. I use them daily for good vibes:)

Tracie Mendez
Love these beauties

What a great set of cards. Love the art and messages.

Phillip Knight
Radical Abundance "Manifestation" Cards - Manifesting Your Infinite Potential


Dana Pape
Love these

Gave them to many people to share the love I've felt from these ever since I got my first deck a few months ago!!

Peder Nelson
Here, there, and everywhere

Bought two decks, one for my sister and one for family in Chicago. A beautiful series of affirmations to share with many more. Appreciated the excellent experience with the online shop and exceptional expediance in communication of expected delivery.

Wonderful Deck of Self Focus

I bought four decks of these cards. They quality is great, art divine and the cards are one of a kind. I am using some of the cards for a group at work as a daily focus to wrap up the year. In fact, I probably need more just to share.

Thomas P Essex
Awesome resource fir positivity n self awareness

I recently purchased Radical Abundance deck and love it! As a social worker I am constantly looking for positive effective ways to support folks in reframing their situation to be sure and acknowledge all that is happening in their life. So often negative stimulus draws our energy n focus. The Radical Abundance deck is a fun positive n effective way to remind ourselves to see both sides of every conversation. Especially those conversations we have that no one else can hear. ;). Thanks Henry clearly your love n compassion went into every card. I’m sorry I don’t have pics to share.

Maria Mackey
Henry is AMAZING

I love my Radical Abundance cards - in this time of stress and worry, they are a bright spot of encouragement every day. All my masks are Henry and now these little cards are another source of happiness :-)