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Sasquatch Riding a Bike Toddler T-Shirt | Wearable Art by Seattle Mural Artist Ryan

Sasquatch Riding a Bike Toddler T-Shirt | Wearable Art by Seattle Mural Artist Ryan "Henry" Ward

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Capturing the moment of imagination and articulating it into canvas form in the "Now", Henry shares his joyful bliss with the world through his playful brush strokes.

Henry's art comes alive in 131 of Henry's favorite paintings in this 8.5" x 8.5" hardback book. The paintings are beautifully captured in this captivating book of art. Perfect for gifting or displaying on your coffee table. All the pictures are kid-friendly and can be enjoyed by all ages.

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews

I love this book. Fun and colorful! Good quality. I drive by one his murals on the way to work everyday so I was glad to buy his work for myself.

Kay Emmert

These were a gift from me in Washington to my granddaughter in Fairbanks. She loved them both. I did, too!

Gregg McClellan
A Northwest Icon

I have loved Henry's work for years. We are now very proud owners of some truly Northwest art.

Bryce Thomas

Henry's work is a refreshing view in difficult world. It is always a delight seeing one of his works.

Anita Buckowing
A book of wonderful creations!

This is a wonderful book. It is well made and it is really quite a beautiful book. The colors are vibrant and each picture tells a story. The characters show such character!
Definitely a conversation starter.

John Breda
Henry for Our Home

My wife loves seeing Henry's artwork around Seattle. Now she has a collection to share when friends visit from out of town. The quality of the book and prints is great. Very happy with this purchase. Thanks!

Brightens my day

The vibrant colors used in his artworks brighten my day. Such a talented local artist with a big heart. I’m a fan and happy that I have his latest book in my collection.

Bee Higa Cuff
Love ALL of Henry’s work!!!

I cannot say enough about Henry’s art. It is as if you can see what is inside the characters he paints; you can feel the emotions, the way they think, the way they see… expressive! So whimsical but also profound! I am an artist as well and was inspired to paint a squirrel house because of this book. Hey - my sister-in-law has a painted rock. Where can I get one of those? Again, I LOVE RYAN HENRY WARD!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕

Awesome book!

I really enjoy Henry's art and am fortunate to live in a neighborhood where there is lots of it! This book is a lovely sampler of Henry's work.

Terry Franklin
Beautiful Book

This book is so great, and shows a lot of the diversity across the Henry portfolio. Lots of surprises in there! It's really quite beautiful.