"NOW" - Paintings by Henry

"NOW" - Paintings by Henry

Hi friends, family, fans and loved ones,

I'm releasing my brand new book "NOW"
No writing or explanations; just paintings. Just my art as it is. 131 pages of my favorite canvas paintings over the span of
about 5 years.

How did the collection of work come together? I was on a walk with my friend Sarah Jorgenson and she brought up that
she really wanted to do a project with me.  We were both working on meditation in our own lives and working on
saying yes to ideas and things as they came up and felt right. This was one of those experiences as our sycrhronicities
aligned. I started combing through my thousands of images of paintings and selecting ones that were really strong. I had to
get more into an editing mode than a creating mode at first. I eliminated ones that had been published in other books first.
Then I took out ones that were strongly sexual or alcohol related as to make it reach a broader and younger audience as
well as keeping certain ones that were still complex for adult tastes. I wanted something everyone could enjoy.  I was
painting a painting a day at the time I was editing and I started creating abstract paintings which I felt needed to be in the
book as a break from character as one is going through it. And often new paintings would happened I'd have to eliminate
older ones.

The cover happened organically. I had an inclination that the book could be about our mind's trip. And when we close our
eyes in meditation we see all sorts of content and ideas that want to flow through. So I started creating a narrative with the
images I chose. Allowing a flow from one page to another. Then balance became integral. Sarah and I laid printouts
on the floor of what was together so far. The great interweaving started happening: more paintings were eliminated and
others added as some subconscious level story naturally happened between our editing efforts.

The name came. It was an instant. "Now". It fit perfectly because that's how the book came together: two people
committed to the moment and co-creating ideas as they arose.

Then we brought the work to a book layout pattern we created and began making the myriad of choices together. It all just
flowed out of us as we danced with ease and fun. Then we sent it off to be published. After months of waiting patiently and
walking through the whole process of printing and shipping, they arrived: 5,000 beautiful books.

I felt this book was special, as it came out of such an easy natural place and friendship. I reached out to a mutual friend of
Sarah's and mine, Spencer Tribwell, who was working on things very spiritual in his life. I asked him if he could bless the
book. I told him my intentions of how I want the book to be a catalyst for imagination and inspiration, and help people
awake to their true nature and accept their own flow as they seek what's inside them. At a retreat that
Spencer held, he blessed
the book with a group of mindful individuals, as they placed the intention into every copy that leaves my hands and into

I hope you enjoy the book. Much Love and inspired imagination,
Ryan Henry Ward


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