Bluebird Face Mask | Wearable art by Seattle Mural Artist Ryan Henry Ward

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A classic Henry art piece is printed on a 2 ply 100% cotton face mask so you can enjoy Henry art and stay safer.

Henry's face masks are not mass-produced and each one requires full physical attention throughout the printing process. After printing is finished, they go through their first quality check, then they are washed, and finally go through their final quality check.

This process ensures your Henry face mask will keep its full-color quality for years to come.

Customer Reviews

Based on 188 reviews
The Perfect PNW mask

I get so many compliments on any Henry mask I wear. Loyal fan for life!

Lydia Evans

I was looking for a new type of mask and found it here.

Colleen Froats
Love this mask!

I love Henry’s artwork and putting it on masks makes it possible to share his work everywhere. This mask is such a happy, positive one.

Colleen Froats
Great, fun mask

I bought this mask for a gift. It is going to be loved! I have the Winky Owl mask and it is a favorite, everyone who sees it loves it and comments. I tell them always where it came from. I figured Christmas packages should have one too, since this need isn’t going away.

Marion Lesniak
Sea Turtle Mask

I LOVE this mask!!! The second I saw it I had to have it. The Henry art is amazing, and because of that I will be making another purchase for my wife (unicorn) 🙂. Thank you!

Fantastic fit

I've got a big head, lots of masks don't fit right and tug on the ears but this one fits nice. And obviously it looks nice too cause it's a Henry =)

Julie O'Neal

Super cute, soft and comfortable.

Juli Williams
I mean, this is a mood

I love Ryan Henry Ward. So mega bonus to be able to wear this fun mask in these not so fun times. Thanks for making me and many who see me in this mask chuckle while protecting

Juli Williams
Comfy, cool, and protective

I love this art, first of all. AND this double layer cotton is comfy , easy to care for, forms nicely to my face, and doesn't leak air at my nose like some others do. Great quality, actually git a couple, and will get more with other fun graphics!

Michele Upchurch
Turtle hiking face mask

I was overjoyed to receive my turtle hiking face mask by Henry. I have had a lot of compliments. I enjoy seeing the murals all over the city painted by Henry and am a hiker and wanted to support Henry. A great mask to wear as it is very comfortable and cute. Thanks Henry