Troubleshooting: How to get the Henry + You Coloring Book free download

If you're looking to receive the free download for the coloring book and the subscription form isn't showing up for you, try this:

1. Open up an 'incognito window' on Google Chrome web browser (or 'inprivate window' on internet explorer) by clicking on the 3 dots on the top right corner of your screen and clicking the 'new incognito tab' link.

2. After your new tab has opened up, type in and hit enter/send.

3. On the homepage of, a pop-up should appear within a few seconds. If it doesn't, there should be button that says "FREE download", click that and the pop-up should appear. Fill out the pop-up and your download will be sent to your email!

4. If this doesn't work either, send us an email at and we'll send it to you as soon as possible!

Meet the artist:

Ryan Henry Ward

Known as "Seattle's Most Prolific Artist", Ryan Henry Ward has sold more than 2000 canvases and has painted more than 200 murals across the world. You’ll always notice Ryan’s work whether it’s on the street or in an art gallery. He commonly paints primitive images with a dream-like, surreal quality. He wants the natural rawness of the painting process to show through his balanced, bright, and whimsical work. Read more of Ryan's story here:

About   •  Videos  •  Murals   •  Art Gallery

Ryan's goal is to promote love from his canvases to your home! In hopes that every time you look at his artwork on your wall or on your t-shirt, that it brightens your day. If you're searching for his original canvas paintings, look no further! Click the button below:


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Customer Reviews:

His incredible talent is so much fun!! He brings love
and laughter to my heart!

Sandy F. - Everett, WA

Love Henry’s hats!!! My kiddos wear their hats all the time :)

Rebekah P. - Mill Creek, WA

Just got my hats! They are awesome! Love the stickers too!

Thanks for doing that thing you do!

Maurice E. - Salt Lake City, UT