Radical Abundance "Manifestation" Cards - Manifesting Your Infinite Potential

Sasquatch - I Believe in You Giclee Print Art Poster for wall decor features Original Painting by Seattle Mural Artist Henry

Sasquatch - I Believe in You Giclee Print Art Poster for wall decor features Original Painting by Seattle Mural Artist Henry

Now - a Book of Henry's Favorite Paintings

Now - a Book of Henry's Favorite Paintings

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Henry brings you this fabulous set of "Manifestation" cards. There are 72 cards with the perfect words and art to help you manifest radical abundance in your life. What would you like more of? Peace, Fun, Imagination, Health, or 68 other wonderful things in your life? This set helps you focus on the things you are capable of bringing into your life - in abundance!

I AM; You can draw one card and feel your self having abundance of that image throughout your day.

GIVE & RECIEVE: You can draw two cards and focus on putting out the energy from the first card and accepting the energy from the second.

TRIANGULATE: Draw three cards: Imagine the energy of the three cards coming together in your heart.

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Jack Daviau
What a treat

My wife use these cards every day to give or bring a message to the Universe. They are exceptional art and meaningful content! A big winner Henry!

Bryce Thomas
reflections for a day

Henry's cards are inspiring for thoughts to complate for the day. The drawings are fun.

Gregg McClellan
A great gift!

We gave the Radical Abundance "Manifestation" Cards to our grandson as a gift that will serve him well into the future!

Cynthia Fendall
Radical Abundance cards

Thank you. Arrived very quickly. I am using them daily for focus. They are adorable.

Anita Buckowing
Such a fun concept featuring wonderful artwork

This card pack is fun to explore and of course, it is fun to discover each new picture by Henry.

Perfect Gift!

Such a nice set and so much fun with my niece.
Thank you,

Denise Stanford

I am very excited to receive these cards, they are so joyful!

Christine Estrada
Love love LOVE!!!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Henry’s art and these cards are the brightest part of starting a day! I shuffle them and draw a card every morning and it always makes me smile. A great and fun way to manifest joy and mindfulness into your day.


A great way to start the day and be inspired to make you dayall that it can be. The illustrations match the word of the day perfectly.

Inspirational & fun

These cards are great! I shuffled the deck and pull a card a day, it’s nice to have a word to work with for the day and I keep the word firmly in mind as I go about my day. The images are fabulous (of course!) and help me drive the word home :) Thank you Henry-love my deck!