Penguin with Coffee Face Mask | Wearable art by Seattle Mural Artist Ryan Henry Ward

Winky Owl Face Mask | Wearable art by Seattle Mural Artist Ryan Henry Ward

Winky Owl Face Mask | Wearable art by Seattle Mural Artist Ryan Henry Ward

Radical Abundance

Radical Abundance "Manifestation" Cards - Manifesting Your Infinite Potential

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A classic Henry art piece is printed on a 2 ply 100% cotton face mask so you can enjoy Henry art and stay safer.

Henry's face masks are not mass-produced and each one requires full physical attention throughout the printing process. After printing is finished, they go through their first quality check, then they are washed, and finally go through their final quality check.

This process ensures your Henry face mask will keep its full-color quality for years to come.

Customer Reviews

Based on 203 reviews
Heather Carlen
Comfort is Key

The masks are fabulous. I ordered several.
Super comfortable, soft cotton and killer art work.
What's not to Love!

Heather Carlen
Gratis and Thank You

Love these masks because they fit snug
and don't pinch my ears,.
Made out of light weight cotton which is perfect
for hot or cold days.
The art is super fun and adorable.
Highly recomment.
Thanks Team henry for the excellent customer service
and being extremely prompt sending all my orders out.

John Jones
Perfect Morning Mask

what to say other than I love this one. If I'm going to wear a mask I might as wellwear art!!!

John Jones
I loved this one until.... mysteriously disappeared when I had a friend over. LOL

John Jones
How Cool a Mask AND Art too!

I just might have to frame this one when the mask mandate ends! Seriously its art! I love it.

John Jones
Nothing is Better than Wearing This

Even with everyone masked you'll know people are smiling at you when they see you wearing this mask!


This mask had a slight scent (maybe detergent?) but is surprisingly comfy

alison e
Love this mask!

Space-squatch! Heck yeah!

HIgh-quality, fun mask

The mask fits great, looks great, and I've received a ton of compliments on it. Highly recommend.

Melissa McLean
Comfy and breathable

It's been hard to find a comfortable mask and this one is it! On top of that my husband and I love the artist and my husband is an avid hiker so the hiking goat and sasquatch are awesome as he comes across severa goats l on his hikes. Thank you for making these altho a little longer on the elastic would be better. We just switched out the elastic.
Thank you!