Now - a Book of Henry's Favorite Paintings

Sasquatch Playing Guitar Unisex T-Shirt | Wearable Art by Seattle Mural Artist Ryan

Sasquatch Playing Guitar Unisex T-Shirt | Wearable Art by Seattle Mural Artist Ryan "Henry" Ward

A Squirrels Guide to Happiness Book

A Squirrels Guide to Happiness Book

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Capturing the moment of imagination and articulating it into canvas form in the "Now", Henry shares his joyful bliss with the world through his playful brush strokes.

Henry's art comes alive in 131 of Henry's favorite paintings in this 8.5" x 8.5" hardback book. The paintings are beautifully captured in this captivating book of art. Perfect for gifting or displaying on your coffee table. All the pictures are kid friendly and can be enjoyed by all ages.

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Customer Reviews

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James Rodgers
Henry makes me happy

I am a huge fan of Henry's work, and whenever I see a mural around the Seattle area, I want to stop and take a photo, as his images always make me smile and feel joy in a way little else does. I appreciate his style, and am happy to scoop up any book or item he's willing to put out there. Thank you Henry for your little rays of sunshine when the world seems to be engulfed in clouds.

We love spending time with Henry's critters

This book is terrific with our favorite characters and some new to us. They bring a smile to the grumpiest face. We like to make up stories that fit the picture with some great ideas from the grandkids. Great collection.

Dawn Counts
Love it!!!

I love Henry's paintings (and pretty much everything he does) so I not only bought one book for myself but another for my grandnephew who is 6 who lives in New Orleans.

Judith Wenzel

A person I care for was advised, by a doctor, to spend 30 minutes a day on "self-care, not thinking of all that has to be done in an increasingly chaotic life. I sent a copy of Henry's book, Now. "I sit and turn the pages, I love the colors, when I start winding up, I open it and can feel myself calming down." I think my mission was accomplished. Some people can't meditate. For them, send Henry!

Merrill Carol
A Happy Book

I bought this as a gift for my daughter who years ago spotted Henry's murals in our area and made finding them an ongoing game for her children. I still smile each time I see one.

Dennis Raymond
Do you love henry's murals? Do you know about them?

Moving to Ballard neighborhood in Seattle years ago, I was drawn to murals I saw on sides of buildings
here and toward the Fremont district. They were all signed "henry". How creative and funny they are to
see abd enjoy! henry has become more popular, and I am happy to have a copy of his new art book, with
pages filled with prints of his favorite murals. I catch a diferent detail in each one, as I look through the
book again and again. If you want a good conversation starter, have this book with you, or visible at home
when you're with friends. It's all enjoyable!

Stacy Kranz
Fantastic book!

I love this book. I bought to share with my granddaughter who loves books. I’ve decided to order another for an out of state grandson for Xmas. The pictures are vibrant colors that jump off the page. Everyone should own this, truly unique. And it shipped from my hometown, how great is that?!

John Dennison
I just smile looking at these

A great collection of Henry works!

I always enjoy seeing them as I go around Seattle, and now I get to see many I hadn’t seen before!

Heather Day
Thank You Henry❤️

Found you during the lockdown in 2020. Thank you for making it ok.

Mary Foulk

I love Henry's art style! It makes me so happy to have a collection of his beautiful artwork all in one place! Love it!